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Compensation for Services

Not all firms charge for services in the same way. We will discuss your options and answer any questions you have. Our initial consultation and review of your existing investments and other products is complimentary. We strive for complete transparency of our compensation.

  • Advocacy
    • If we agree that we are a good fit, and you become a client, know that you are in good company. Your association with our agency provides access to a unique platform to introduce our services to the people you respect & care about most. In doing so, you are helping others enjoy the same financial confidence you do.
  • Commissions
    • If you choose to implement a strategy that includes an insurance product, we will receive a commission on the sale from the product provider.
  • Investment Advice (based on assets under management)
    • If our implemented strategy involves the use of investment products, we will discuss the advisory fee for assets under management based on your specific recommended portfolio.
  • Fee only, Comprehensive Financial Planning Advice
    • Your comprehensive plan may include: Investment analysis, retirement planning, estate planning, cash flow planning, business planning, goal planning & risk analysis.
    • Fee to be determined based on your individual circumstance.