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Growing Your Dental Practice

The Dental Profession has changed enormously over the last thirty years. The consumer has changed, corporate dentistry has grown, and private practitioners must adapt to a business environment vastly different than that of just a few decades ago. There's a lot that dentists need to consider about the future of their profession. 

What do dental consumers want? They want better and faster dentistry. They also want more affordable and more convenient dentistry. Over the last decade, the evolution of dentistry has gone into hyper speed. The practices that remain on the cutting edge will be positioned for lasting success. The ones that don’t will see their profitability continue to erode.

Thirty years ago, MDs began to form group practices or went to work for bigger health care providers. This is the direction dentistry is heading today. The evolution is underway, and it’s not a choice; it’s simply the reality of where the profession is going. Many dentists still operating under the older model may greet this change with fear. This is understandable.

We want to provide you with the information and resources to help you move past that fear, because the future of dentistry offers enormous opportunities for dentists to run better practices, lead better lives, and create lasting wealth.

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