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Retirement Plan Sponsor Services

Top Reasons Segura Financial Should Manage Your 401(k) Plan

Who’s managing your 401(k) retirement plan?

Who’s making changes in your investment choices for your plan?

Who’s assuring your participants have a wide variety of sub-asset classes?

Who’s providing your participants group and one-on-one education?

As a plan sponsor fiduciary, it is your responsibility to provide good resources to your participants.

As a plan sponsor, you know that maintaining a retirement plan that meets participant needs can include numerous time-consuming tasks, including:

  • Managing fiduciary responsibility
  • Monitoring investments
  • Monitoring compliance issues
  • Ensuring proper and cost-effective plan administration
  • Educating plan participants on the importance of saving for their financial future
  • Monitoring and increasing participant satisfaction
  • Ensuring the plan matches employee demographics
  • Keeping current with industry and legislative updates
  • Conducting ongoing oversight of plan design and implementation

Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. I can help you offer a retirement plan that attracts and retains your best employees and helps empower them to achieve their retirement objectives.

The attached Statement of Services explains the retirement plan support that you can receive from me and my team. For additional information, please call me at

We hope you will choose to work with our experienced team and we look forward to helping you make your retirement plan more responsive to the needs and concerns of your employees and your company. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Service Philosophy

We do not act as an ERISA plan fiduciary.  Our service philosophy is to assist you in assessing, analyzing and addressing the needs of your plan to maximize its value to your organization.  We propose to improve the overall effectiveness of your plan by helping you:

  • Manage fiduciary risk
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Help you select an appropriate funding vehicle for your plan
  • Identify and recommend cost inefficiencies

We offer three major categories of service:

  • Technical expertise
  • Education
  • Retirement readiness information

As part of our ongoing services, we strongly recommend scheduling a regular review of your retirement plan.  Our review covers all the key areas of plan operations, including:

  • Managing fiduciary and compliance issues  

  • Participant education and communication

  • Assessment of your plan design

  • Quality of plan service

Our approach to your retirement plan’s needs has several simultaneous objectives

  • We seek to align your plan’s objectives with approved providers whose capabilities and strengths reflect your unique needs.

  • We identify and recommend several potential providers based on your plan’s complete profile of objectives, challenges and requirements.

  • Our team provides proposals for your retirement plan from appropriate qualified vendors for your review.

  • We review and evaluate your plan with you and offer step-by-step guidance to help boost your plan’s effectiveness.

  • We can assist you by helping coordinate certain aspects of your retirement plan.  We focus on the critical areas of fiduciary responsibility and employee education.

Our objectives also include providing you tools and education to:

  • Help you identify and monitor the fiduciary risks that affect your plan.
  • Optimize employee participation and education.

Education and Information about Investments

  • Provide sample Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for your review and implementation 

  • Review appropriate funding vehicles for your plan

  • Education on asset allocation

Fiduciary Responsibilities

  • Discuss election to comply with ERISA Section 404(c) provisions
  • Discuss compliance with ERISA Sections 408 (b)(2) and 404 (a) (fee disclosure regulations)
  • Assess fiduciary liability insurance and fidelity bonding

Employee Education

  • Assess current employee education program
  • Plan and implement a customized employee program
  • Assist all employee with personal financial planning