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Fee based Financial Planing

Financial planning refers to the process of making appropriate decisions concerning one’s wealth in order to pursue one’s goals in life. Financial planning incorporates a holistic planning process, in relation to four important financial pillars in your balance sheet, Protection, Cash flow, Assets and Liabilities, as opposed to only buying products. Financial planning can involve a variety of different strategies, but the overall goal is to determine how to invest, how to manage wealth, and how to plan for the future.

We will develop and provide the Client with a detailed report based on the information provided by the Client. There are two types of Financial Plans. There is either a comprehensive analysis covering a broad range of financial planning issues or a tailored report focusing on one or two planning areas of particular concern to the Client.

A comprehensive Financial Plan will contain various types of financial analysis and recommendations on a broad range of issues related to the Client’s financial situation (e.g., net worth, assets and liabilities), retirement, education, business, investment, (e.g., asset allocation according to your risk tolerance and financial goals), and protection planning.

A focused Financial Plan will concentrate on the client’s financial situation in relation to one or two issues that are selected. For both types of Financial Plans, the Client will receive a personalized written report detailing strategies and recommendations which are intended to help the Client attain their stated goals and objectives.


The Financial Plan will recommend certain general courses of actions that the Client may take to help achieve their objectives. Our office, acting as an investment adviser, will not make recommendations concerning specific products.

The responsibility for taking the recommended action(s) is the Client’s. The Client is under no obligation to purchase any products or additional services from or through PAS or any of its affiliates. However, at the Client’s request, the Financial Adviser will assist in purchasing specific investments, insurance and other financial products to help implement recommendations in the Financial Plan. In this case, the our office will be acting in a separate role as a registered representative of PAS, a registered broker/dealer, and/or as an agent of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America ("Guardian") and/or its affiliates. These products may include products offered, issued or distributed by PAS or its affiliates. If the Client purchases such products from or through the Financial Adviser or PAS or its affiliates, PAS may receive compensations and the Financial Adviser may receive a commission. These payments are in addition to the fee paid for the financial planning services.