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Residents and Physicians

Young Physicians in Training

We work with many individuals in the medical field. Over the years, we have assisted many physicians and residents with varying specialties, designed specific programs to fit their needs, and put plans in place to protect their paycheck in the event they become ill or injured.

Our goal is to protect their ability to earn an income as well as accumulating wealth and to provide them the resources they will need in the future. Through a comprehensive financial strategies process we can assist our clients accumulate, protect and distribute their wealth. We organize your finances on your personal financial website linking in all of your school loans so they are automatically updated on a daily basis

  • We work with more than 200 medical residents, fellows, & physicians, both here in New York and across the nation.
  • We regularly speak to many of the residency/fellowship programs at Albany Medical School and other area Hospitals, providing educational outreach about financial planning in residency and in practice.
  • We advise our clients in areas such as:
    • Building emergency funds (money market accounts, systematic contributions, short-term investments)
    • Risk management (Own-Occupation disability income insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance)
    • Retirement planning (Roth IRA, 403(b), 401(k), 457(b), pension, non-qualified accounts)
    • Education funding (529 plan, Coverdell ESA)
    • Benefits review (retirement plans & matching contributions, insurance options, profit-sharing plans)

Attending Physicians in Private, Group or Hospital Based Practice

We organize all of your financial information and link in your investment and loan accounts along with other important information into a dynamic web based financial plan. We help you plan for the needs of your family as well as your ultimate retirement. Using statistical analysis we guide you to make informed financial decisions using the same techniques you were taught in medical training to make medical decisions. We monitor and construct efficient investments using modern portfolio theory. We guide you through the financial process and help you make informed financial decisions. All the time, your information is updated daily and delivered to you on your personal financial website. Should you decide to change jobs, we help explain your benefits and transition your finances to the next employment.

Physicians transitioning to or in retirement

We develop plans to transition you to retirement. Then we develop distribution strategies to support your income needs taking into consideration the use of pre tax and after tax sources of income. We integrate your needs into an overall financial strategy that considers both income and wealth transfer goals for your family. We periodically meet with you to guide you through the financial process and help you make informed financial decisions. All the time, your information is updated daily.

Educational Meetings

Segura Financial also conducts onsite educational meetings for Physicians at their offices or departments. In addition, we educate Residents and Intern during house staff meetings at hospitals throughout the upstate New York area.


Residents and Interns – Basic Financial Planning while in training – Preparing for the future

Physicians in Practice – Making informed financial decisions

People in Transition – Getting yourself on track and moving forward toward your goal.

Pension Plan Trustees – Providing participants the experience they deserve

You do not need to be a financial genius to manage and oversee your finances. Our meetings are conducted online or onsite. Life is busy and finances are complex.

Our streamlined process organizes our clients finances using web-based technology makes it possible for us to provide our financial services on a complimentary basis to physicians. This enhances the client experience.