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The Living Balance Sheet - client web site

The challenge of keeping pace with an ever changing financial landscape can be difficult as personal financial information rests scattered among multiple advisors, institutions and accounts. Clients often become confused and frustrated as they attempt to properly arrange the pieces of their financial puzzle. What’s missing is a single platform that provides organization and easy access to a complete financial picture. The Living Balance Sheet® is the solution to this ubiquitous challenge.

Achieving the Wide Angle View with The Living Balance Sheet®
Traditional balance sheets help determine net worth by subtracting liabilities from assets.  A secure on-line tool, The Living Balance Sheet® adds protection and cash flow analyses, creating a wide angle view to ‘stress test’ products and strategies.

By monitoring changes in protection, assets, liabilities and cash flow, The Living Balance Sheet® automatically anticipates and keeps abreast of all the changing pieces in the four critical financial domains.

Please take 3 minutes to watch this short flash video and see the Living Balance Sheet® in action:

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