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Strategic Process

Our unique and powerful process helps our business owner & professional clients move toward and maintain an improved level of financial balance which aims them toward Having More, Enjoying More & Leaving More. This provides them the opportunity to concentrate on what’s most important to them, such as their family and their business.

Optimize the value of your assets. Enhance your quality of life.

What if you could go to sleep at night with confidence that you have positioned yourself and your family for an optimal financial future?

What is that worth?

With this process, based on The Living Balance Sheet®. that is not only possible, it is how we measure success. Our planning processes are designed to reduce stress so you can accumulate, and then ultimately enjoy the wealth you have worked so hard to build.


Introductory Meeting

We will spend their first meeting with you on a tour of our process, ask you a few basic questions, and begin to populate your personal financial website. They will then review with you a scorecard of your current financial situation, and where it would be optimal for you to be. There is almost always several things that have been done well, and others that perhaps could use some attention.

Discovery Meeting

In our discovery meeting, we will use our platform to help you discover a new level of financial organization, and model out your optimal financial strategy. Ultimately we will guide you towards as much improvement as is possible without dramatically altering your lifestyle, and gradually work to improve on this. Our initial work will be to move from where you are, to somewhere closer to optimal. This cannot always be done overnight, but with vision, some goals and clearly defined action steps it is amazing what can be accomplished.

The Work

In this phase we will begin to gather more detailed information, apply for insurance, review investment allocations, products and fees, and prepare ourselves to take action on the plan


In this phase we will actually benefit from seeing our plan come to fruition, and the financial scorecard will begin to come alive. This stage may involve introducing other legal, tax, insurance and business professionals into the equation or the implementation of insurance and investment strategies with us.



Ongoing review is essential in any client-advisor relationship, and we hope to establish how often, and in what manner you would like to hear from us. With the aid of The Living Balance Sheet® we can always connect over the phone or via webex to provide help with smaller financial decisions or challenges as they arise. We look forward to working with you through all phases of your lives, and building towards optimal.We help examine our client’s entire financial landscape using an easy-to-understand, macro-economic financial organization tool called The Living Balance Sheet® which places an emphasis on the “big picture.” This simple yet powerful platform is utilized to identify financial inefficiencies and duplication, while at the same time demonstrating, through a re-allocation of existing cash flow, how to integrate and coordinate strategies aimed at building and protecting your wealth.

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