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Investment Philosophy

Why do we invest? It’s not to beat the market, its not to become the richest family in town, nor is it to prove how smart we are. We invest for specific goals like financial independence, retirement, college, or to buy a house. But mostly, we invest in order to be able to live the life we want. That’s the real goal.

You want to have enough money to lead the life that you want. When you think about it in that way, it becomes much clearer how you should invest. If you go out there, roll the dice, and try to become super rich, then you’re taking all these risks in an effort to beat the market. With that opportunity for success, comes a big risk of failure, and failure is not an option.

Our philosophy is that you’ve worked hard to save your money. It should be managed in a way that there is a high likelihood you will succeed over the long-term. For us, broadly diversifying your investments, being careful about taxes and investment costs, and making sure you are protecting your downside as much as possible are to success. This really is at the core of our philosophy. By using carefully constructed portfolios, applying momentum and trend following where appropriate, our goal is not to beat the market per se but to manage downside risk, reduce drawdown and volatility, manage poor investor behaviors which, in all, helps you live the life you want. And, to help you reach your full financial potential.