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401(k) plan sponsors

As a plan sponsor, you know that maintaining a retirement plan that meets participant needs can include numerous time-consuming tasks. We work with plan sponsors to ensure we provide:

Investment due diligence

Market volatility makes it critical for retirement plan sponsors and fiduciaries to develop and maintain investment due diligence procedures and supporting documentation. Segura Financial will work with the retirement plan committee to develop and maintain the plan's investment strategy, which is codified in an investment policy statement. This investment policy statement is used as a guide to evaluate your current investment offerings, measuring them against applicable indices, your existing provider's complete menu and the broader universe of investment options. The intended result is confidence that your plan's investments are diversified, well managed, and meet the stated objectives of your investment policy statement.


Employee communication and education

A successful communication program is critical to the success of a company's retirement plan. We at Segura Financial understand that the development of an effective communication program varies greatly from business to business and across industries. We review the wide variety of options available with the retirement plan committee and create the most appropriate program for their particular employee population.Consistent implementation of the plan may increase employee understanding and participation while raising the profile and appreciation of the benefit.

Key components of  a good communication strategy include:

  • Pre-enrollment memos, posters and announcements
  • All on-site meetings conducted by securities registered representatives
  • On-site group enrollment meetings
  • On-site individual enrollment meetings
  • On-site group investment education meetings
  • Video teleconferencing meetings for remote locations
  • Access to on-line investment and financial planning
  • Customer service representatives and e-mail contacts for plan participants


Plan Design Assistance*

 In the world of retirement plans, only one thing seems certain: CHANGE is constant. Over the last decade, Congress has burdened plan sponsors with an overwhelming volume of legislation, making continual review of retirement plans essential. It is critical that the legal, compliance and design aspects of a plan are current.

While legislation dictates uniformity for certain plan features, recent changes in law are aimed at increasing employee participation and restoring some of the incentives and benefits previously lost by plan sponsors.

In these times of change, it is important to have a firm who can understand the design and operational features of your company's plan, and can work with you and your plan's service providers.


Investment Fudiciary *

Our clients wear many professional hats. And while they may spend the least amount of their working life on retirement plan issues, their fiduciary role for the plan poses a significant amount of risk in the corporate arena. Inundated with primary job functions, finance and human resources executives lament their lack of time and tools to fulfill their fiduciary accountabilities, with a high level of assurance and protection. This uncertainty is the main cause of their concern towards their personal liability as a fiduciary.

 Finding the a provider with fiduciary support serives from third pary Investment Advisory Services options could be essential on assisting you reduce your fudiciary risk.

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* Segura Financial does not provide plan designs nor act as an ERISA fiduciary. We work with a Third Party Administrator to assist the employer with plan design options.